Replenish Conference

Our 2017 Replenish conference was an awesome inaugural women’s conference for New Vision International Ministries. Our prayer is that you were freed of something that was binding you, you raised your level of expectation for yourself and your community, and were equipped to walk in the things God has called you to in this season.

We realize that our prayer will likely be answered over time, so we want to stay connected with you on your journey. Go to Facebook for the latest updates, answers to the questions posted for panelists that were not answered on conference day (coming soon). You can also post pictures and to participate in the ongoing discussion.

Other ways to stay connected including the Replenish blog, Instagram (@Replenishconference) and Twitter (@Repelnish2017). We encourage you to send any feedback about the weekend to

A special thank you La’Shay for posting on your blog about the conference this week (other panelist’s recaps are coming soon!). Don’t miss Alaya’s special offer to win an hour of free financial coaching with her. Go to the Replenish section of her website for more information on how to enter.
replenish water bottles