The Best is Yet to Come

In January, many people set their New Year’s resolutions, planning for a new year. Instead of just encouraging you to make resolutions, we want to encourage you to be resolute. In this sermon by Pastor Dexter Upshaw, he breaks down the origins of New Year’s resolutions and why they statistically don’t work (our sin nature being the main reason).

Sooo, you’re saying don’t make goals? Since I’ll probably fail, I should just give up now? I should not plan and just see what happens?

No! A thousand times no!

I AM saying make up your mind that last year was last year, and be diligently focused on the year to come in your heart and mind according to the leading of the Holy Spirit, who leads you to all truth (John 16:13) and understanding of which things REALLY need your focus. 

Proverbs breaks it down like this:

Proverbs 21.9.png

Notice the word diligent. 

Dictionary.com defines diligence as:

1.constant in effort to accomplish something; attentive and persistent in doing anything

2.done or pursued with persevering attention; painstaking


goalsSo, rather than just making resolutions, pursue your goals with a constant effort. Be attentive to them and persistent in their execution. Persevere when challenges arise and pursue them with painstaking attention.




I started off by saying  that we should be “resolute”…

Google defines resolute like this:



admirably (I love that adjective) purposeful, determined, and unwavering.
Example in a sentence: “she was resolute and unswerving”

A synonym for resolute is: unshakable. Ask God what He wants you to be doing right now. Get clarity, write it down.  When we get directions from God on what our tasks should be, it grounds us in truth and helps us to be resolute because we’re not relying on what we think, but rather on the one who is unshakable. When we are resolute, we will be diligent, and diligence leads to plenty. If you need help discerning the voice of God, I highly recommend Priscilla Shirer’s book on the topic: Discerning the Voice of God.

O.K., but how can I be diligent?

I want to highlight two great resources:

  1. Planning, Dreaming and Goal Setting Tools by Polly at Horacio Printing
  2. A widely respected business book used by organizations around the world:The 4 Disciplines of Execution

  1. Horacio Printing

I was recently introduced to a great tool for dreaming, planning and goal setting on a yearly and weekly basis: a set of planners and tools from Horacio Printing by Polly.

In addition to their BEAUTIFUL set of planners with encouraging notes, scriptures and lovely accents (including stickers and washi tape), she has excellent resources for dream planning, refocusing, generosity planning, a heart check, overcoming fear and tons of product videos. Polly’s Dream Planning Tutorial is below:


  1. The 4 Disciplines of Execution

I discovered this book at the Global Leadership Summit in August 2016. Even though its audience is primarily organizations, it has many concepts that are applicable to individuals. The authors of the book state: “The 4 Disciplines exist for one reason: to execute on a plan in the midst of the whirlwind of distractions.” Whoa, does that describe my life, or what?

The meat of the book is around setting Wildly Important Goals. A few goals with start dates and end dates you focus on and put energy, resources, and time into more than anything else. A good description of how to do that for organizations is in this Fast Company article and much of the content can be translated for personal use or applied to an organizational goal that you have.

I believe deeply that you can and will do great things when your heart is resolute and your hands are diligent, because truly, the best is yet to come.

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