Blog Crush

So, I’ve discovered the empire that is the Martha Stewart of the west (in the best ways): The Pioneer Woman. The Pioneer Woman is an entrepreneur named Ree Drummond who has an awesome blog following (23.3 million- MILLION page views per month), has developed beautiful products for the home, and now has an online and retail store out of her hometown Pawhuska, Oklahoma (see pictures below).


I must admit that when I first saw on her television cooking show, I was a the same time drawn to listen to her walk through her delicious recipe but also slightly annoyed. I think my east coast upbringing makes me have an automatic skepticism for things that celebrate the pastoral, like a happy momma cooking for her family on a beautiful ranch in Pawhuska, Oklahoma. Shame on me.


Ree has turned her blog following into a multi-faceted enterprise that is a celebrates motherhood, beautiful things, marriage, family and slow food– all things we can use more of these days. Here is a picture of her, her boys and some of their friends on a road trip:


I’m a naturally private person, but Ree’s generosity with her life, sharing it in pictures and words, inspires me to be more transparent. She effortlessly brings you into her parenting, her home and her travels in a way that makes those 23.3 million of her blog visitors want to keep coming back.

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